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7 Transitioning Tips When Moving

Are you considering relocating for a new job? Use these comprehensive small tips that will make your transition from old home to new home as stress-free as possible. The Clean Team will help sort, pack, and move your precious belongings. We plan, coordination, and supervise our completely hands on service. Our team excels at exceeding the typical standard by assisting our clients with their floor plans, downsizing, hanging picture, making … Read the rest

How To: Clean A Hoarders Home

There are important things to know when helping a hoarder clean their home. Some people can’t throw anything away. Ever. That can be a problem for everyone else. Hoarding Disorder is known as a person having excessive persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions or items because of an intense need to save them. Often, the items hoarded has is little to no monetary value, remaining in their possession. The … Read the rest

How To: Clean Mattress Stains

Sweat and pee stained mattresses plague clients whom are not brave (or have the time) enough to tackle a task such as deep cleaning their mattress on their on. That is okay because that is why the Clean Team exist. Our team is specialty trained to do strategic task such as clients Bellagio mattress. A good quality mattress is a big-ticket purchase, however stains from bodily fluids to having break … Read the rest

How To: Clean A Dirty Mattress

Commonly most people are not aware that the number one part of furniture in our house that collects the most skin cells, sweat, stains, dust mites, and all other lovely things. Let’s just say dust mites, mite feces, viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, perspirations, dust, allergens, etc., all can be living their absolute best lives in your bed without you even having the knowledge to take action on. Despite linens and … Read the rest

How To: Deep Clean Showers

Having troubles cleaning your dirty shower? The Clean Team can take all your troubles away with their spectacular expertise and experience of cleaning bathrooms. We love to use the original Dawn dish soap and lavender Comet powder for cleaning specifically bathrooms. Dawn is great for cleaning purposes in general, not just only for dishes but for a lot of other things such as various surfaces.

To clean a shower and … Read the rest