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Shampoo and deep clean your carpets today!

When it comes to carpet cleaning, here at the clean team we hold ourselves to the highest standard. Before we even start on the shampoo process we make sure that every nook and cranny, corner and crevasse of your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. Our cleaning solutions are like magic and after a deep clean will make even the most highly trafficked areas on your carpet look and feel like new again. After we clean your carpeted areas we make sure to run our heavy duty dehumidifiers to help expedite the drying process and ensure that your carpets dry in a healthy way. Weather you are a business owner looking to bring back that “like new” look to your building. Or a home owner looking to add years of life back into those old carpets and area rugs, this service is right for you! Our team members are experienced, meticulous and take pride in our work. So you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe and professional hands!


“I left my home and dingy looking old carpets to go grocery shopping and came to home to clean like new looking carpets! I will be using these guys for every cleaning job for now on.”

Molly Barret

“I have Cleaned my carpets myself a few times and was just not in the mood to do it this time. So I called the clean team and I don’t know what they did differently but it came out so much cleaner than when I did it myself.”

Anthony Scarofile