How To: Clean Mattress Stains

Sweat and pee stained mattresses plague clients whom are not brave (or have the time) enough to tackle a task such as deep cleaning their mattress on their on. That is okay because that is why the Clean Team exist. Our team is specialty trained to do strategic task such as clients Bellagio mattress. A good quality mattress is a big-ticket purchase, however stains from bodily fluids to having break fast in bed or even dinner when sick accidents all are inevitable. Any visible stains more than likely will not be covered with a factory warrantee whether you paid excellent money to have your mattress covered under it or not . Therefore to protect your investment by adding regular stain removing and sanitizing to your weekly housecleaning routine. Or, you can just hire us, the Clean Team? Let us fix it we can fix closely near to anything. We always suggest clients to never try and do it yourself if you are not experienced because you absolutely could totally find yourself sleeping on your couch because you tried using cleaning substance that spread the stain out and/or made the space smell heavy of bleach. Our basic recipes consist of:

  1. 3 Tablespoons Baking Soda (deodorize mattress/absorb moisture)
  2. 8 ounces Hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant)
  3. 1 drop dish soap (we gently scrub in with a soft brush)
  4. Give the solution only 10 to 15 minute of dwell time

We use a large spray bottle, pour in the ingredients, shake it up and use it right away without hesitation, only shake it occasionally when using. If the spray bottle gets clogged we simply take the sprayer off place it into room temperature water then keep spray until it sprayer is cleared out. Next we reattach the sprayer back to the bottle with the fixture then fix doing our work. Sometimes we have to make multiple batches because stains can be all over clients mattresses but none the less this terrific recipe works wonderful as described!

The Clean Team strongly believes in giving honest information in regards to our services with that being said we might not make your mattress look straight out of right-out-of-the plastic but we can make it look brand spanking new! To resolve all of your mattress headaches book with the Clean Team today by calling 607-391-5607