How To: Clean A Hoarders Home

There are important things to know when helping a hoarder clean their home. Some people can’t throw anything away. Ever. That can be a problem for everyone else. Hoarding Disorder is known as a person having excessive persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions or items because of an intense need to save them. Often, the items hoarded has is little to no monetary value, remaining in their possession. The Clean Team does an excellent job protected and cautious. For a special cost our incredibly hard-working team will come into our clients home that need specialty work done completely suited up in non-woven protected material that is resistant to penetration and chemically lacking the strength to move. The suits have a zip in the front that zip from top to bottom, elastic wrist, and ankles. The pattern in which our hooded suits are designed in make them comfortable for our team to move their whole body parts in (e.g., arms, waste bending, etc.,). We use heavy duty gloves non-latex powder free ultra strong non-sterile. These gloves have a wider wrist opening for hand insert making them easy to put on and not difficult to take off and change frequently. Poor air quality during work hours can irritate your lungs and other harmful side effects therefore we protect our team from fumes, dust, and other dangerous materials effective respirator mask for a variety of task we cover while cleaning. Lastly, we use goggles to protect our eyes from anything that might fling up or come into our eyes that could potentially be hazardous. Disinfectant spray, alcohol wipes, multi-surface cleaner, laundry detergent, and dish soap are a few of the items we have brought along with us when taking on big sanitizing task such as this. We bring motivation to pass along to our clients whom are messy at heart. Our team will sit down to formulate a plan to get your space clean and sanitized, decluttered, and organized. Call us today for more in depth information at 607-391-5607