How To: Make Washing Walls a Little Bit Easier

Washing your walls is a wonderful deep cleaning chore that is best addressed in late spring and early fall when we are able to open the windows and/or doors to help with the drying process. Cleaning our walls is very much so time consuming but it is a necessary task to keep our home looking (and smelling!) fantastic and can extend the life of our paint jobs. I think we can all agree that washing our walls is not only time consuming but boring as well. There is just something that is annoying wiping every square inch of our walls. If you understand what I am saying then you must totally get it and feel the pain. The process we use takes 5 steps in which we will share with you.

Supplies: Microfiber cloth (loosen up dirt and making cleaning task so much easier and faster/re-usable), two study light weight buckets, vinegar and water (cleaning mixture).

Steps To Cleaning Walls:

Step-1.) Remove all art work and nails (i.e., start with a smooth surface/safety) from the wall.

Step-2.) Dust walls- Use a long-handled brush to clean the room removing all dust bunnies, cobwebs, etc., very carefully without damaging the wall because pushing onto the wall with body weight this leaves smudges. If you have high ceilings get a longer extension rod to reach non-easily reachable areas such as high ceilings. Start at the top and work down to the bottom in an “s-shape” that way the dirty stuff is not being re-spread. Stop the shake your cloth and you will see all the dirty stuff that has been hanging out on the walls. Once dusting walls are completed rinse out clothes with clean water.

Step-3.) Dust baseboards- Many people love skipping this step but when they do build up dust on your baseboards gets into your clean water onto your clean cloth messing the whole task up. It could be possible when this step is skipped the whole process ends up a disaster. Also, do not be afraid to switch out clothes here and there.

Step-4.) Put together the cleaning solution- add 1/4 of vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda to 32 ounces of warm water in a bucket then test it out on a small section of the wall that no one really looks at to ensure it is ready to go. Place your rag into the solution and start cleaning while rinsing frequently.

Step-5.) Rinse your walls with the fresh clean water, open all windows/doors, and make sure all cleaning equipment is picked up and taken care of immediately.

The Clean Team are always ready and more than willing to help with the clients needs at a low cost. If coming to wash their walls is what’s needed they will show up with a positive and determined attitude just as they would any other job. We have experience that make it easier getting through task such as washing walls without any hassle. Our experience and expertise allows us to remove all of the dirt, stains, and smudges from painted wall and the solution used to paint them for our clients quick and easy.

Why do this time consuming work independently when you can hire the Clean Team to get the task done for you give us a call to book your next wall cleaning at 607-391-5607