How To: Deep Clean Air Vents

I am sure we all are pretty okay at keeping out houses clean, right? The floors get mopped or vacuumed regularly, clutter is frequently picked up and surfaces are dusted. But have you considered your dirty air vents? The spots on your floor where all the warm air comes out to keep your home nice and cozy can be solved by the Clean Team cleaning your vents the right way. Just a few minutes and a few supplies we can solve the issues that can be caused by built us dirt, dust, and grime that has been living in and on your vents. Our team knows who to clean and sanitize air vents to change something so small into a major difference. First, we as clients to turn off their furnace because it should not turn on while the vents are off. We remove all floor, ceiling, and return vents that can be removed. Next, we put the vents all in the bath tub with a few drops of Dawn dish soap and let the bubbles do the work until it is time for us to scrub with a safe brush. Dawn helps cut the grease and grime that built up on the vents. We let the vents soak for about 15 minutes and then we scrub them all down giving each vent a good washing by scrubbing both sides. We even scrub any stuck on stickers for the kiddos, sorry kids! After this process we drain the bathtub and then we rinse the vents under warm water. Any excess water we shake off then lay vents out on a towel to dry for approximately 10 minutes. We do not fret on the vents being perfectly dry because when they get put back in their designated spaces when the furnace and vents get turned back on they will dry within seconds. The warm air that comes through dries any remaining water. And there ya go, we have sparkly and clean vents! Most clients of our do not even realize how dirty their vents were until we clean them. From beginning to end it takes us between 25-40 minutes to get this simple task done the majority of the time was taken by the soaking process. For our low cost air vent cleaning service give us a quick call at 607-391-5607