Baseboard Cleaning

Base boards are a huge part of home cleaning and office cleaning!

Cleaning heavily soiled based boards of a home goes a long way toward making a room look tidy, dust-free, and sanitary. Not only does it feel better but it looks better for utilizing for company, common use, and/or enjoying as a space to live in. The approach of our services is to effectively hit all accessible baseboards in the home. If that means pulling furniture away from the baseboards to complete all baseboards requested with permission we will do. Do you ever wonder why a room just does not seem completed after cleaning? We can spend hours cleaning by dusting furniture, vacuuming, spraying and wiping down an out of the way object, surface, corner, and/or crack and crevice however if our baseboards are neglected and in poor condition from lack of care we tend to be drawn and give all attention to them. We can correspond to this issue by setting a plan to do one room at a time or how about the method of taking on the whole house in one day? I more manageable idea is having help and lending hands of our team to get the job done within a few hours with no sweat off anyone’s back but ours because we enjoy the satisfaction that we get from our customers pleased reviews of our deep baseboard cleaning skills. Baseboards accumulate all of the dust and dirt our house stir up for most that is not the only thing it stirs up in a household, allergies typically jump right on the wagon! The bending, lifting, constant moving – save for us. We get the least liked cleaning job done the most thorough, quickest, and most efficient. Do not waste your effect cleaning the same thing twice when we get do it once and it not have to be done for awhile. We will remove the most dust and dirt from the area by paying extra attention while vacuuming which ultimately will free up debris to be discarded later on. After removing all dust and dirt we can treat any stains and/or stuck on ingrained dirt also referred to as “grime”. Depending on if baseboards are stained or painted we will use different cleaning solution particularly for the application stage. We have special tools we use to hard to reach areas that fit into tiny spaces and will work for soaking up purposes while cleaning. Lastly, we want to make sure we are keeping in mind protecting the baseboards. We use microfiber cloth that repel future dust from baseboards. The Clean Teams always takes it a step further for reaching the satisfactory results we strive for from our clients! After using our well-exceptional services one might not ever not there baseboards ever again considering baseboards overall are low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning and up keep.