7 Transitioning Tips When Moving

Are you considering relocating for a new job? Use these comprehensive small tips that will make your transition from old home to new home as stress-free as possible. The Clean Team will help sort, pack, and move your precious belongings. We plan, coordination, and supervise our completely hands on service. Our team excels at exceeding the typical standard by assisting our clients with their floor plans, downsizing, hanging picture, making beds, putting kitchen together, sorting, decision making, professional packing, organizing moving arrangements, unpacking and resetting homes, and much more services.

Can you imagine walking into your new home with it being fully furnished, clothing hung in the closets, electronics hooked up, beds made and pictures hung up, and much more. That is the standard for the Clean Team, each task is directed by intelligent minds. An an outgoing, confident, respectful, friendly, and caring team will cater to our clients wants, needs, and concerns throughout the move. All of our clients have offered their sincere regards by placing a review for us on Yelp. Our calm and easy going team from the start to the encouragement we give to our clients we want to make ensure that they do not have to worry the Clean Team will literally take care of everything. Our team is thorough and professional that can solve any challenge as proven through our kind reviews from our past clients. We without a doubt turn our clients feeling of initial panic into quiet confidence as they see mastered all tasked involved with getting them situated comfortably. Here are 7 task that we delicate extra detail with while doing all of our great work:

1.) Take Time To Pack- We cannot stress how important it is to pack properly and not just through everything into boxes. So many people do this not thinking it matter but it does. Thinking about it is so much easier the other way around to sort it out and organize your belonging then boxing them up accordingly so that your know where everything is when you go to unpack or if the Clean Team is unpacking for you we there is a system set it place to get everything unpacked more quicker and efficient. It is a top priority of our to protect ours to guide clients the best way we know how with our 10 plus years of experience.

2.) Do Not Cook Up Until The Last Minute – Either eat out smartly or cook 2-3 big casseroles in disposable pans, freeze them, and then just eat for a week. Buy some paper plates and plastics materials then get your kitchen fully packed up!

3. Do Not Bring Thing You Are Not 100% About Keeping- Soooo many client wish they had got this right before mentioned in one of our awesome blogs that attracted them to hiring the Clean Team. A few months ahead of time, start sorting through your closets, storage areas, the kitchen, bathroom, kids rooms, etc., decluttering and throwing and/or giving away getting prepared to become a new version of you. Trust us, it is much easier getting rid of things before moving because that it just one less thing your have to pack. Then when you move into your new home and eventually unpack you will enjoy unpacking your boxes finding things you know mean something to you and have useful value to your home.

4.) Do Not Pack Your Router & Modem Until You Are 100% You Own Them – When you call your cable company to transfer your service be sure to find out whether or not you own your router and modem or if it was loaned to your as apart of your agreement.

5.) Save Your Recycling Paper- As you probably know not only newspaper but all your junk mail and scrap paper can be used for cushion when packing delicate belongings.

6.)Wait to Unpack- clients will more than likely want to clean their new home themselves before they move everything in, however as soon as clients move boxes and furniture in and get unpacked, the process of cleaning becomes more harder. It will take less time and effort cleaning before unpacking, and if clients wait to unpack, they can use that extra time for getting things thoroughly cleaned such as the floors, carpet, cupboards, cabinets, countertop, closets, and more more. sand thoroughly cleaning all
 That way, when clients or the Clean Team unpacks, we know everything is being placed in spots that have been definitely cleaned and disinfected- a great start in clients new house help when they hire us to help them clean!

6.) Think About How You Want To Live- clients should think about how they want to live before getting carried away with unpacking and then shortly after that getting overwhelmed wishing they would have waited until they thought about how they want to live more in depth.  Clients should take their time after getting moved in to understand their new space and how they could benefit using it productively. Most clients that do this decide how things could work better another way before they already went ahead and set everything up. If clients unpack everything before taking this time then their the process becomes more consuming from moving items from room to room upstairs downstairs inside back outside or vise versa. Doing backwards could leave clients with so much more to move around then they intended even bothering with which leaves most stressed out.
7.) Unpack Slow & Carefully – When it is time to unpack do it slow and carefully to ensure everything is clean eye level and you know where boxes and furniture are exactly going. Many of us are busy and live in the same reality where we are always rushing to get something done meanwhile wishing we had an extra hour in the day to fit in. Finding a time to do clients packing can be hard for them to take on alone that is why they call the Clean Team. Doing it in one shot can even take a couple days with how busy clients schedules can be. The Clean Team do this work for a living we are the professional that know how to get a clients home superficially unpacked within a day or at most two. The answer is to either take on this daunting task or just call us to step in and do it then touch it up giving your home a personal touch later which will take way less longer than having done the whole unpacking process by yourself. For some clients giving themselves time for deep breathes is not an option when trying to accomplish such a big task therefore we to offer our assistance so they are not left to deal with a complete hassle situation that should be enjoyable.

All the boxes. All the furniture. All the stairs. Moving day takes a lot out of you. Let the Clean Team come in and take over allowing you to stress less come the day of the big move. Go out and celebrate as we help with all the other stuff. Let’s face it moving in general can be a completely stressful experience for most the Clean Team we can make your home move a lot easier, uncomplicated, and worry free by planning ahead together! Give us a call so that we can get started planning your day after the big move 607-216-7889 😊