How To: Clean A Toilet

Cleaning toilets are flat out disgusting. When your hands and knees are on the ground and your face is head on in places you rather it not have to be but if not for your face being an inch from the toilet seat your toilet would probably be a lot worse and nastier from not cleaning properly. Who else to call then the Clean Team? We might agree with clients it is disgusting. We use specific disinfectant cleaning foam that expands and immediately cover the entire toilet tackling any stain or grossness within seconds. Mineral deposits not only cause ugly stains but the bacteria can clog the jets on a toilet bowl, leading to problems with flushing. Sometimes we use this foam in other area of when cleaning such as bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, washer machines, and all different types of flooring and hard to reach places. The powerful chemicals in the foam cleaner react to water creating a very strong foam. It works to break down the dirt and stains. After about 25 minutes the foam bonds with grime chemically then after flushes your toilet bowl is sparkly clean. The great thing about this foam is that is it 100% safe to come in contact with while using and when touched it does not irritate your skin unlike other disinfectant cleaning supplies. After hiring our team clients leave views stating how happy and impressed they are with our services. Give us a call today to schedule your next toilet cleaning at 607-391-5607.