How To: Deep Clean A Microwave

Learn how to clean your microwave using steam, lemons, water, and vinegar or just let us do it. Is your microwave gross, dirty, and stained? We will make the cleanup easier on you! It does not take much however sometimes it does especially if there is caked on grease and other grime. Using this green cleaning method you will have clean appliances in a matter of minutes. Most of the times when things explode in our microwaves we jump to cleaning products but that is not the solution. Pasta Sauce? What a mess! We try to cover our food but it just does not work sometimes whatever is covering the food comes off (e.g., paper towel), or food sneaks its way out anyway. In addition, you can use a similar method to clean your sponge.  Soak a sponge in the vinegar, water, and oil mixture and microwave the sponge for 2 minutes.  This creates a small amount of steam and works well for simple cleanups and disinfecting your sponge. We cannot wait to show you how easy cleaning microwave with lemons is! If you are living a big life on a small budget just call us at 607-216-7889