How To: Deep Clean Windows

If you have not invested in baking soda now is the time to learn all about it. The Clean Team uses baking soda as a portion of products and we also use microfiber rags instead of paper towels because it creates way less waste and is reusable after every wash, and therefore more cost effective. We use baking soda for cleaning almost any place. Baking soda can serve as a natural cleanser and just a fabric softener erasing embedded nasty odors. Most do not know that baking soda can be used for a shampoo substitute. This alternative substitute can majorly enhance your well-being rather than these toxic cleaning substances. It will not stain your carpet however if a lot of it is used it will clump and could be hard to remove. We book a lot of clients who call for window cleaning service so we are constantly spending plenty of time on cleaning window tracks which can be tedious in a sense. However, the Clean Team gets it done effortless where most will spend double the time trying to get their windows and tracks to look as good as they want to see. We spread baking soda on the hard to-reach areas for instance the corners of the windows we pay close attention to the corners. Next, we add a little vinegar which will bubble which is a good sign that tells us the job is successfully being done. We leave it this way for 15-20 minutes, the baking soda and vinegar will treat the caked on dirt and rust. When the timer is up we only wipe the window tracks. Let us show you how clean we can make your windows look by booking with the Clean Team at 607-391-5607.