How To: Deep Clean Showers

Having troubles cleaning your dirty shower? The Clean Team can take all your troubles away with their spectacular expertise and experience of cleaning bathrooms. We love to use the original Dawn dish soap and lavender Comet powder for cleaning specifically bathrooms. Dawn is great for cleaning purposes in general, not just only for dishes but for a lot of other things such as various surfaces.

To clean a shower and bath our team like uses the combination of dawn and lavender comet powder to not only clean the shower and bath but to leave the entire bathroom sparkling and smelling fresh. The two work together to break down the tough soils and disinfect the surfaces. To clean clients shower we only use a few drops of dawn and a few shakes of the comet powder. We let stand for a few minutes until we scrub and rinse it away. The areas we like to focus the hardest on is between the titles and also the tub, spout, and shower head as well. To remove soap scum, dirt, and grime for inside clients shower we use strictly the comet powder. We start by sprinkling a decent amount of the power inside the shower layering the bath and shower walls after damping the areas making it moist and easier for the powder to work it’s magic then we use a brush to scrub really good all over. After done scrubbing we rinse the tub and shower walls with lots of water. After this process, we move onto focusing more closely on the shower.

You might have thought we were done explaining more of less giving a glimpse of the work we love to do but we have more to share. The Clean Team does what works and by that I mean not only what works to satisfy our clients but to satisfy the EPA and CDC guidelines. Lysol Disinfectants are approved by the EPA guidelines which is great because we use Lysol to give clients showers a nice look and smell. Lysol actually works by pouring some on a damp cloth after doing this we wipe the entire shower include working our way down to the tub. We wipe the same areas we did previously when cleaning specially the tub (e.g., the tub/shower floor, shower head, tub spout, and shower wall).

As mentioned in other blogs of ours we like to make use of baking soda because it is we can always rely on it to destroy any scum in this case it destroy soap scum at its best. Our team uses baking soda to remove soap scum by sprinkling it on the shower/tub floor and the scrubbing with a hard brush that does not scratch surfaces known as a green scrubbing pad. Next, we rinse then all of the soap scrum that made a home in your shower is evicted, in other words rinsed away. Another product we use to clean showers is vinegar and warm water. We get together a bucket and fill it half way with warm water then add approximately 1 cup of vinegar into it. Next, we get a gentle cleaning cloth dip it in the bucket and use just that to wipe the inside of the shower everywhere until it sparkles. Then to finish the shower cleaning process we rinse with a lot of water to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Lastly, an important part to cleaning clients showers and tubs is what exact kind of clothes and brushes we use. As mentioned initially, our team get rid of any dirt and/or grime to clean in between titles by squeeze multiple drops of dawn dish soap onto a safe brush and diluted sodium hypochlorite depending on how dirty the surface is to get all of the nasty build on grime out from between the shower tiles. You will never have to scrub a shows/tub again after booking with our pleasant ladies at the Clean Team by calling at 607-391-5607