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Basic Weekly/Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

Daily House Cleaning Ideas

  • Do a load of laundry and put it away
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Pick up toys (if you have kids)
  • Make beds
  • Do dishes
  • Take out trash

Make life simpler by focusing on specific rooms each day.

Monday (Living Room)

  • Vacuum, Sweep, or Mop
  • Dust and Polish furniture
  • Dust your ceiling fans
  • Clean Windows
  • Disinfect tv remotes, light switches, etc.

Tuesday (Kitchen Day)

  • Clean
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Cleaning A New Home Pre-Move In

How To Clean A New Home Before Moving In

Did you know that cleaning a new space before moving in it eliminates dirt. Giving your new home a thorough cleaning before moving your belonging into it is totally beneficial and where to start.

For instance, new construction leaves lots of dust and debris in your most unexpected places (e.g., putting in new cupboards, countertops, carpet, laminate, hardwood floors, etc.,). Do … Read the rest

Keeping & Organization In The Garage for the Spring

As a new cleaning company, the Clean Team is highly keen to making the most of what is important to us. This starts by us collecting information such as a task list. We love a process and try to find the most effective and successful method of doing things from organizing to helping our clients stay organized that is satisfying to them. We believe that everything benefits from being simpler. … Read the rest