What Is On My Kids’ Bedroom Cleaning List

Have you ever said ‘go clean your room’ to your kids, and then you’re less than impressed with their results? I will admit what you see below is a blended list of what you’d see in an older kid rather a younger kids list. These are prime examples of “chores” for each child to do in their room each day, even if those chores only take about five minutes. This checklist is a way to guide children/teens on what the expectations are for what a clean room looks like. Many times we do not think of how step by step guide we should make things so that they know what steps to take to get the job done. I think lots of times children/teens don’t know what to do next, and what things need to get done at all. This seems to help.

Daily Checklist

  • Make bed
  • Put dirty laundry in laundry baskets, and shoes in closet
  • Put away any clean clothes and laundry on your bed
  • Clear floor of anything that does not belong
  • Place toys back in correct bins or containers
  • Tell Mom or Dad when you’re done and we’ll come inspect

Weekly Checklist

  • Vacuum carpet
  • Empty trash can
  • Change sheets and blanket and put old ones in dirty clothes
  • Dust
  • Tell Mom or Dad when you’re done and we’ll come inspect

When creating a bedroom cleaning checklist for your children it is suggested to be as specific as needed to make sure your children complete the tasks that you want them to. For instance, with lots of shoes being left out even when asking children to put away dirty laundry in the labelled “dirty” laundry basket, the task needed to be added to the lost so that no one is tripping over shoes in a supposedly cleaned room.

The Clean Team hopes that this information makes any chore war easier for both the adult and child! When in doubt just always remember to have patience because a little progress each day adds up to big results. Powerful things happen when you start putting in the work to achieve your goals. You become addicted to the progress and fall in love with the process.

“Kids respect what you inspect” hits hard like a wrecking ball. We (adults) have to acknowledge our children’s hard work and efforts by giving them the praise that they deserve and fundamentally we the adults will receive more productivity. Whether parents or not all adults should give this a try when trying to get youth to clean and/or tidy up. If this does not work, maybe try monetary to trade chores or tasks to reach the outcome that you are hoping to achieve.

For more tips and tricks on guiding children and/or teens to “keeping it clean” give us the Clean Team a call at 607-391-5607