Keeping & Organization In The Garage for the Spring

As a new cleaning company, the Clean Team is highly keen to making the most of what is important to us. This starts by us collecting information such as a task list. We love a process and try to find the most effective and successful method of doing things from organizing to helping our clients stay organized that is satisfying to them. We believe that everything benefits from being simpler. I mean, let us face it, who doesn’t love a good spring cleaning of the garage? Cleaning out things getting rid of a bunch of item that have no purpose to you anymore, doesn’t it feel good!? Do not get us wrong go ahead and get rid of unnecessary junk, however be mindful not to get rid of things you could actually use or need because you are on a cleaning binge.

The Clean Team get hired to come in and help clients purge their large garages we always be sure to insist that everything we do is up to our clients. For instance, we make sure that clients are ready to get rid of anything we might find non-valuable to them with given permission because perhaps they might have change their mind the last minute. All in which was stated up to this point is true because it can be agreed that the storage usually is the garage. Any undesirable items that our clients do not wish to necessarily get rid of or even maybe they want to donate it or give it away to someone they know can get placed into storage bins and/or onto storage racks tucked back away into their garage as we would never want to do anything not wished of by our clients.

The Clean Team will do a thorough job cleaning and organizing none the less do an ever better job at making sure we are thinking more along the lines of, “What does our client want to keep?”. If we think this way during a spring cleaning then clients can decided towards the end when everything is cleaned and organized what they truly want to junk and get rid of last and final. We totally understands that life gets in the way and clients start storing things away again back into the garage, even though they did not have any way to organized them. This is where out job comes into play. We have the super vast knowledge and experience to clean, empty with specific permission and renew clients storage spaces such as their garage.  Clients end up getting rid of a lot of useless stuff that was cluttering up their house. The only problem was, the stuff in the garage was not all entirely useless in other words “junk”. Some of clients stuff they truthfully and consciously use all the time! So we decide together a better way to organize and store it all in the most tidy way to where their belonging is not completely sprawled across the whole garage causing great chaos and havoc.

Organization is a most definitely a huge factor when we create a map to flip (e.g. makeover) our clients garages. Every garage project we make a major organization plan and first we always begin by first clearing out clients garage. Next our makeover process is personalized by using any installed overhead storage such as racks, shelving, containers and so on to maximize our options to neatly organize our clients items. We are able to successfully dramatically change our clients spaces into organized and functional ones that can be apart of clients homes where as before it more than likely had been the exact opposite.