Winter Cleaning

When winter comes around most of us spend more time indoors. With the time that is now available it’s good to get some winter cleaning in. Sometimes we miss out on cleaning and decluttering our homes while we’re out spending our days in the warm sun.

Often you get caught up in buying more food when you think you don’t have enough, so the pantry gets pretty full. With the time you have now you can easily take everything out of the pantry to check for expired cans and throw those away. Wiping down the cabinets with a cleaning spray and a towelette is the perfect chance since everything is already out. Now you know the next time you go to make corn it won’t be a bad pick of the bunch.

You won’t be needing your summer clothes anymore, so now it’s a good time to rotate your summer and winter wardrobe. If you keep all of your winter clothes and shoes tucked away in a container, you should throw those in the washer.

Since you’ll be indoors most of the time getting warm, dusting and cleaning the air vents is essential. You wouldn’t want to be breathing in dust and other things. Checking in between, and under, couches and mattresses you would probably find hidden items that can be easily picked up with a vacuum. Now would also be a good time to clean the curtains and wipe down the windows while you’re at it.

It’s hard to notice what little chores you are forgetting when you’re out of the house for most of the day. Being in for the winter will help you to recognize how much more you need to do around your home and won’t leave you with nothing to do.