The Benefits of Decluttering 15-Minutes a Day

Many of us overlook how much we can accomplish in 15 minutes. Is it realistic to say that cleaning for 15 minutes a day not only reduces germs but clutter. Is this too much to ask? No! This is not saying your life does not have its challenges where life can be quiet crazy. The truth is those few minutes you set aside each day make for a clean, decluttered, organized space. If you focus on getting everything done all at once well end up frustrated this is why it is an excellent idea to break up the hours instead of spending major blocks of time doing the same thing on your down time, maybe you just want to relax and do nothing? Some important questions for yourself to consider might be, “What does my schedule look like?”. If you have in mind that you have no time to declutter this method could work great for you. If you think that you will get frustrated on the period of time the 15 minute a day technique would take maybe it would be better for you to try and tackle on one of your off days. If you are not working on a time schedule then this slow and steady method could be an awesome contribution to your life. If you have chronic health issues that make it harder for you than other strength wise then minimize 15 to 5 minutes instead. If you start being able to recognize task that only take between 15- 30 minutes then your starting to develop better skills to break down task into small ones that are not so time consuming overall. For instance, instead of throwing dishes in the sink rinse them and put in the dish washer. If you do not have a dishwasher rinse the dishes before just throwing in the sink that way later they are easier to clean. It can be simple as that. Studies show that it is better for our mental health not to fixate on things such as cleaning that we know will take longer than we have time or even patience for at the moment. If we start small it will eventually even out in the end.

Never forget, decluttering a few minutes a day is good if you are working on small spaces or have a chronic illness which limits you strength wise. This method works well if you are doing detail-oriented work such as sorting sentimental items, organizing clothing, or paperwork which can all be tiring. If you are looking to see quick results then it could be possible that decluttering for many hours in a day will work. None the less do not feel guilty or disappointed in yourself in you do not have the energy and patience to get it all done within a day.