Surprising Household Items You Can Use to Clean Your Car like a Pro!!

Before starting your summer and taking road trips deep clean your car! You could spend money to have it professionally cleaned or you can try these simple around the way methods.

1.) Vaseline

Would you ever think to wipe your vinyl dash down with a mild solution then wiping a small amount of Vaseline across the surface? Try it, it works! Remove any excess off with a regular rag. The Vaseline works to condition your dashing leaving it shining like a boss.

2.) Screw Driver

Those annoying crumbs that get stuck in the most tiniest spaces that you cannot stop zooming in on every time you jump into your car can be taken care of and gotten rid of by using a screw driver and damp microfiber cloth to wedge in the tiny spaces.

3.) Coffee filters and dryer filter sheets

Believe it! Coffee filter and dryer filter sheets can be used to swipe across your dash to pick up dust mites and dead bugs.

4.) Toothbrush

This is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to scrub dust and dirt out of crevices and also to clean them. They are perfect for getting at that impossible to reach dust hanging out in your air vents. For instance your car’s upholstery!

5.) Rubbing Alcohol

Try using rubbing alcohol on a damp microfiber cloth and running in along the length of your wipers. This cleans them in seconds!

6.) Vinegar, club soda, and Dawn dish soap

I do know about you but a chemical free cleaning solution can always be appreciated around here! Mix up these ingredients and use it accompanied with a tooth brush, microfiber cloth, old rag, etc., to remove any stubborn stuck on stains on your seats or floors. If this does not work then go ahead run to the market and gran the tough stuff foam cleaner agent.

7.) Baking soda and toothpaste

Instead of purchasing an expensive cleaner consider using baking soda and toothpaste with a damp microfiber cloth and rub in onto your headlights. After doing this buff off with another cleaning damp microfiber cloth any access. Just be sure to pay attention when doing this so that you are no reapplying the paste as you wipe!

8.) Paper towel roll

This tip is a good one! When you go to vacuum out your car, there are going to be a few hard to reach compartments that no vacuum attachment will help you get. Use duck tape to attach to a paper towel roll to the end of your vacuum hose and bend it to fit perfectly when you want it.

9.) Rubber gloves

You might possible be running into some gross stuff but rubber gloves will protect you from it. Go grab some from the dollar store or your local market. If these store do not have rubber gloves then I guess it is to the department store ya go!!

10.) This one might, shock you. Your dish washer!

Throw your car rubber mats into your dishwasher after giving them a few hard smacks against a near by tree. Lay them on the top rack of your dishwasher with the side you want cleaned facing the water source. This will act as a pressure washer. All you might have to do is let hang dry.

11.) Baby wipes

Not only are baby wipes good for babies but they are also wicked awesome to have in your car for messy hands or a quick clean up. Baby wipes will also clean your windshield and windows! Wipers do a great job outside but if your are looking for a deep clean for the inside of your windshield try baby wipes.

Need more care cleaning tips? The Clean Team is available to provide them just give us a call at 607-391-5607 and we would be happy to speak with you. We also offer our cleaning service so if you are interested in having your car cleaned properly you have surely give us a ring!!