Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Temperatures are most definitely on the rise, and we know Spring is almost here. There is no better time to get ahead and start your spring cleaning list. A great place to start is your car! A car is like a home on wheels, so it makes logic sense to take care of it along the way and to deep clean it when the cleanliness get out of control especially right after winter. One way to think about spring cleaning for your car is for instance a refresher for your vehicle. The Clean Team when cleaning a clients care will focus at most on these 3 things:

1.) Focus on the Carpet – Let us face it, after a long winter, there is a high chance that your car carpet is covered with all sort of salt debris that you will want to remove. A fantastic strong carpet cleaner will help take care of this mess. You should wipe down your seats with a damp towel.

2.) Clean out your Trunk – During the winter, it is freezing more than not, thus fore we neglect to pay attention to the organizing of our cars, especially the trunks. Take some time to clear our all the removal tools and store them up and away so you have more room for summer activities.

3.) Wash the Exterior – Like your carpets, chances are the exterior of your car has been covered in salt debris the last couple of month. Find a local carwash and take it for a top-of-the-line service to remove all the grime and invisible build up.

4.) Checking Under the Seats – It is hard to see in this. From loose change to sippy cups, to kids’ mittens and old coffee cups, people are amazed of what they find underneath the seats in the vehicle. Under the seats is a lot of where the dry salt and food crumbs gather. Stuff a vacuum hose under there is not a bad idea and help help clean out a lot of unwanted stuff out of your car. Be sure to move the seats forward and backwards as far as they will go to clean under it. This will give your the best opportunity to get rid of what is lurking under there.

5.) Windex – It is incredible how simple cleaning a car can actually be. Often times it is the simplest cleaning steps that show for the biggest rewards, and improve your safety. It is important to clean not only the interior of your car windows but outer part of your car as well such as the side mirrors, rear mirror, headlights, and taillights of your car. A spray and wipe of Windex can make an amazing different and is critically important especially given how dirty these parts of cars can get. Trust that you will feel a lot safer and at ease with how dramatic Windex will improve things.

6.) Make a habit of shaking the dirt off your mats every now and then. You’ll have less build up over time and they will be easier to clean when you do finally get around to giving them a good scrub.

If you focus on these things first then trash removal the process of cleaning your car will be simple.

Some maintenance things to keep in mind include changing your wiper blades, checking your tires, having your ventilation system checked out, checking and replacing your fluids.

Give some of these tips a try and see if they make a difference. For help Spring cleaning your vehicle give the Clean Team a call at 607-391-5607