Lose the “I’ll do it later” mindset.

Today I’m gonna talk about some habits that you may need to adjust in your life to keep a cleaner home. I’m not trying to call you out but I mean come on you’re not reading this for no reason..! Let’s get right into it though because I might say something you do that you don’t even realize could make a difference!

If you work from home, go ahead and skip this part. But we’re gonna start off simple. Make your bed in the morning. It’s so easy, yet so many people “don’t have the time” to do it. Let’s be real… we have the time.. we’re just lazy. IT TAKES 1 MINUTE! If you ask me, a made bed makes the whole room look 10x cleaner and makes going to bed 100x more satisfying. NEXT !

 It doesn’t matter where you live, Bugs. Are. Everywhere. We don’t love them, especially when they live in our homes. These bugs usually are flies, fruit flies, cockroaches, ants and maybe even bees, but my tips can’t help with that.. I advise you call an exterminator for that one. Anyways, the bugs that invade our homes are often attracted to the smell of your garbage that needs to be taken out or the scraps on your plate in the sink. A couple great habit to help in the kitchen are scraping them scraps in the garbage before putting your plate in the sink, especially if you don’t take my next tip! Which is, washing your dishes before ending your day. Washing all your dirty dishes and keeping the sink clean everyday can avoid the growth of bacteria that forms fly larvae. And yes, they are just as gross as they sound. Also, wipe down your counters after spending time in the kitchen, whether you’re making food or pouring a drink. Wipe down anything you may have dripped, splashed or dropped that may stick and be harder to clean later. NEXT!

  I save these two for last, because they have to be some of the laziest things but they can be corrected! So first, we all know that one person or a few people or maybe your one of them, that leave snack wrappers on the side table or used tissues on the night stand or whatever the case may be… We’ve got to regulate throwing garbage away immediately when done! A great way to maintain this act is to simply keep a trash can in the major rooms. If we make trash in every room of the house, shouldn’t there be a place to throw the trash away in every room of the house? And two, and I’m not an expert cause I’m still working on this myself so I speak from experience. The best advice I can give you is to fold your laundry right after it’s done. It’s so much less overwhelming than folding it out the basket later. And let’s be honest if you don’t fold it the same day it’s done you might not get to it until it all needs to be washed again. Then you’ll also be digging through this basket of clean clothes in the morning when you’re getting ready leading random clothes around your room. The whole paragraph is stressful. Just take my advice and fold it after it’s just come out the dryer..

 That’s my advice and I hope you take it. It’s getting cold and the bugs are looking for a place to stay warm and fed. Don’t let your home be the best options! And remember nobody wants to come over to a messy home, keep you and your company comfortable. Keep your home clean!