Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh with Pets

We love to have our pets in our home and letting them get comfortable. But we don’t like the smell they leave behind, and the fur they leave everywhere. Keeping up with them and the smell of your house doesn’t have to be a big tussle. With these simple chores you and your family won’t have to worry about the smells your animals leave behind.

Making sure to wash their beds, blankets, and toys often won’t leave the material drenched in bad aroma. Using a lint roller would help to pick up hair. To go further on that, vacuuming up their fur off of furniture and the floor, especially carpet if you have it. If there is a stain from an accident, make sure to use an enzyme based cleaner, as that will help break down the liquids that need to be cleaned up.

When your pets come in from outside, you should wipe their paws off, so they don’t leave a trail of dirt behind. Bathing them and brushing them often will keep up with their smell. Brushing them helps to release oils trapped under their fur. As for the air, using candles and air fresheners will help to eliminate odors. If you’d rather not use those then opening up the window to let fresh air in helps too!