Fall Cleaning And Germ Killing!

As we enter the fall season the weather is changing! The rain is coming down and the leaves will follow. Friends and family may be entering your house for the holidays but its getting colder and people are more likely to get sick! We all know how nearly impossible it can be to stop the track of mud from coming into your home and worse than mud, GERMS! These are just a couple, but great reasons to get on top of your fall cleaning! I’ve got some tips on what you should focus on cleaning in your home this fall and why! Along with a great team who can help you!

First, lets talk about what needs to be cleaned and why. As I said above, the dirt and germs are everywhere and there unstoppable! Especially this time of year! Your home needs love, so every aspect needs different attention. Your entry way may get the worse of the harsh weather as you enter the house in your wet muddy shoes. Whether you have tiles, hardwood, or carpet, they all have there own process of cleaning. Tiles and hardwood you could sweep and mop, as with carpet you would vacuum and shampoo. Its good to sweep and mop your hard floors daily, your carpets should be shampoo cleaned as often as 3-4 times a month to maintain cleanliness considering how easily carpets can build up dirt, germs, pet hair etc.

The whether can harm your home in ways you may not think of at first when going to clean! Did you know mold can grow on your window sill from the rain? The humidity can leave your window sill damp allowing it to grow. This black mold can be toxic to you and your family and it wont stop unless you stop it! Mixtures such as white vinegar and water or even bleach can help remove this spread, but it may need consistent attention to maintain because it can reoccur even after being cleaned away one time.

Another thing I wanna talk about, is something that needs to be cleaned but we cant really see them, germs. They live everywhere and cant be removed 100% but we can maintain them as best as we can to keep a clean home. Most germs come from people spreading them without even realizing it, germs get left on everything you touch. The germy-est rooms in the home typically be the kitchen and the bathroom so its really important to keep both these rooms extra sanitized. That being said you should always be sure to clean your doorknobs, fridge handles, toilet seats, table tops, even things like the tv remote, any keyboards, phones, light switches etc. with a disinfectant multiple times a day or as used.

There is a lot more that goes into fall cleaning, and it can be a lot of work but you can do it! OR call my team and we would be happy to help you out! The Clean Team is like a family and they’ll clean your home like its their own! Our team provides for all your cleaning needs. We’ll take care of anything from your cobwebbed ceiling fans to your dingy carpets to that mold on your window sill. Don’t let the weather take over your home, call us today and lets get ready for the holidays!

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