Deep Cleaning Carpets

Deep cleaning carpets is great for your floor as there can be a lot of stains in it that accumulate over time. The best approach to take would be to occasionally deep clean your carpets at least once a month. A few things you would need for that would be a good vacuum, a pre treatment, and if you can acquire a carpet cleaning machine at your local rental agency.

The first thing to do would be to move all furniture so you can get into all the space of the room. Then vacuum thoroughly. Vacuuming helps to pick up dirt and hair stuck to the carpet for better cleaning results. After using that the next thing to do would be using a pre treatment. This comes in many forms; a bottle, a machine, even a home made spray. Using the pre treatment will help to dissolve the heavier stains so they can come out easier.

After vacuuming and pre treatment, the next thing and the most important would be to use the carpet cleaning machine. You should start at the end of the room, next to a wall. Making sure to do this slow will help the water rush through and get sucked back up picking up the stains. If you go too fast the water could stay in the carpet making it damp and take much longer to dry. Make sure to change the water frequently as dirt and dust builds up in your tank.

Deep cleaning your carpets will make you feel better and keep your floors looking clean and new. The more frequently you deep clean your carpets the longer they will last. It is a little bit of task to take on your own, so if that isn’t the option for you then hiring a professional would never be a bad approach.