AirBNB Cleaning

The most important and challenging thing about an Airbnb is to make sure it is continuously clean. You want your guests to experience your environment at its fullest potential Every time they step through the door. The first thing they will see when they walk in is most important as it will be their first impression. Make sure the floors and walls and windows are very clean and have no skids, stains, or marks. You want to be able to see your reflection looking back at you.

The kitchen will definitely be a main spot in the house for guests especially if they’re cooking. You want to make sure the refrigerator, microwave, and oven are wiped down inside and out. Also that toasters and toaster ovens have no crumbs, or stains that can be easily overlooked. Attention to detail goes a long way when focusing on appliances.

The bathrooms have to be wiped down ever day not only for the cleanliness but also for sanitary reasons. Wiping down the shower glass, or bathtub to make sure no residue will build up. The bathroom mirror will need to be wiped and clear as your guests don’t want to stare at a blurry reflection. The sink and the toilet are very important, absolutely no previous stains should be shown. That would make the guest feel like you didn’t clean at all.

The bedrooms should be swept and mopped, or vacuumed. It’s important to make sure there isn’t anything in the dressers and closets if there shouldn’t be. This also goes for the living room. All coffee tables, and stands should be wiped and cleared. If there is a T.V it should also be wiped down gently, make sure to use a soft cloth and spray it with a small amount of alcohol diluted with water. Vacuuming the couch and pillows is important as their could be little hairs that can go unnoticed at times.

A comfortable, clean and sparkling AirBNB could make your guests feel like they are the first to ever stay in that environment. As well as more inclined to return in the future. An AirBNB that is cleaned on a daily basis is beneficial to both maintaining your property and the overall growth of your business.