6 Everyday Household Objects You are Forgetting to Clean

Have you ever thought about double checking your cleaning work? To get rid of the bacteria, germs, dust and grime stems you have to double check your work. That’s right. You’ll be surprised that some of the objects that require the most attention are the ones that often go unnoticed. Time to get equipped with your buckets and cleaning microfiber cloths.

What are somethings that we touch often but not only us but others but cleaned by no one? Handles and door knobs are germs and bacteria favorite spots to live on. Never wait until you visibly can see the germs and bacteria to clean these areas considering how much traffic they get throughout the day. Say your guilty if it is true of not replacing your kitchen sponges weekly! It can be agreed that most people do not realize how often they should be replacing their sponges.

Our kitchen sponges are something we rely on every day it might seem small but in all actuality it is a big deal. Sponges collect all sorts of things such as hair, bacteria, germs, and other stuff we would never want to see under a microscope. To prevent illness from nasty behavior chuck your sponge and get some new ones even buy in bulk so your do not have to keep running back and forth to the store. Right within our hands lies a major germ magnet – the television remote.

Believe it or not maybe it has not passed through your mind but the television remote is a responsibly candidate to health threats. Picture your sweet healthy child shoving someone else’s remote in their mouth now do you see the bigger picture? Do not wait until the question pops up as to when the last time your remote was cleaned and sanitized just stay on top of doing it.

Toothbrush holders surprisingly for some is a house for germs to throw huge parties in and actually ranked the 3rd germiest spot in homes. So, next time your shove your tooth brush in there just think of all of the droplets and gunk it is accumulating. Ceiling fans should not be put on the “spring cleaning” wait list you can clean them any time and more often than you think. Unless you want to catch dust clumps in your hair even worst Sunday dinner make sure you throw in your weekly cleaning routine cleaning all ceiling fans.

Lastly, our showerheads can be the worst! We cannot stress enough how important it is to clean your showerhead because over time it collect mineral deposits and other matter that builds up in your showerhead. Just think about the microbes that are being release into your clean air every time you shower? Yeah, take it or leave however it is what’s best for everyone!

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