10 Places In Your Home You Forgot To Clean

Never thought of a list so simple have you? Well, here it is! We all have places in our homes that we overlook when it comes time to clean. They just blend in eventually become just apart of the scenery then we stop looking at them, right? Do not fret, here is a simple list of 10 places you can start prioritizing first instead of never.

  1. Sure, you’ve cleaned the lips and maybe even the top of your toilet but what about the bottom and surrounding area? Did you wash the flusher? Not only are the yellow stains an eye sore but they can get awfully stinky while cleaning this area might as well clean everything near by because there is not any telling.

2. Light Switch Plates – These are commonly overlooked yet we shouldn’t because these collect so much bacteria and fingerprints.

3. Base Trim – We think is such a pain to cover when we are sweeping and mopping but really taking the extra step and maybe 5 extra minutes will make a significant difference. Try to make it a habit to brush off with your broom when sweeping and wiping down with a damp rag.

4. Doors – We walk through them all the time I mean it is impossible not to placing sometimes our dirty hands right onto our doors telling ourselves we will clean later. Well, for some that later turns into never getting done. How about those fainted brown drip stains in your bathroom, right gross? If you add having kids it is suggested cleaning your doors and their knobs 2-3 times a week.

5. Kitchen Cabinets – They do not ask for much but to be wiped down every week. We make sure to wipe our counters and tables but neglect to realize our kitchen cabinets could use a wipe down as well. It can be noticeable the grease, steam, food particles, fingerprints , etc., left behind. These types of residues will build up over time and chip your cabinets.

6. Dining Room Chairs – I do not know about you but the dining room chairs are the first item that I put off wiping down after dinner sometimes I just do the table and leave the dishes even for later to put in the dishwasher. Food ends up on seats so give the entire chair a wipe down from top to bottom 1-3 times a week.

7. Stairwell Walls – Most stairwells take a good beating. I am just now getting better at not throwing shoes down the stairs marking up the walls. Whether it be from us or the kids a magic eraser will fix all marks found here.

8. The Air – Air purifying your home is extremely important especially when someone in your home is sick. This remedy combined with opening windows and doors helps air spaces out. Not everyone likes for their guest that come to visit the day after cooking French onion soup to be overwhelmed with that smells some people do not have a tolerance to onions.

9. Window Trim & Molding – We forget windows and molding more than not allowing for all sorts of nastiness to collect especially the ones behind furniture. Dead flies, spiders, dust bunnies, etc., are all found when you do not pay attention to your window trim and molding. Take a damp rag with dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and baking soda to use when wiping down window trim and molding it works wonderfully!

10. The Inside of Your Microwave – Believe it or not this is the least liked place in my home I enjoy cleaning it just it a pain. However, we all the gross stuff hiding in there when not cleaned at least once a week or even twice. To clean my microwave I microwave a cup of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar for several minutes to help loosen up the grime. Let sit for a few minutes then I wipe it down with a sponge.

The list goes on… So many places in our homes are often forgotten! I don’t think any of us mean to forget 100% of the time, it’s just not something we think about because we’re always just focused and preoccupied on the main areas like the counters, and what we are doing in the moment.