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Our home deep cleaning service includes oven cleaning at its finest. Did you know cleaning your oven properly with green products kills 99% of germs? We use green products within ovens to remove hard baked-on grease oven tray and/or a burnt oven bottom. How do we get the hard-baked on grease oven tray and burnt oven bottom clean and restored back to its normal self? We use a simple clean formula that gently helps us remove it. Solutions such as our home deep cleaning services use removes the even toughest burnt on carbon. We use a paste that sits and while patiently waiting for that to set in, we carefully remove the racks, we use environmental clean green paper towels and/or a recycled green excellent quality sponge that removes any lose particles, from the bottom, sides, top, and door. After that remove particles that were loosened by paste. We make sure the light bulb in the oven is even sparkling and/or we notify if needs to be replaced. Not only do we deep clean the inside of your oven, we clean, the top, sides, and bottom pull-out storage if stove has compartment. We spray with a green product the sides of the oven and wipe completely down with a damp microfiber cloth any grime on both side from top to bottom including the control panel of the oven. We want to make sure the oven is reaching its fullest potential to shine. The top of the oven we carefully remove all coils, surface burner lids, burner drip bowl, all knobs, and more. We soak, clean, and restore the parts, and while that is being processed we are deep cleaning and sanitizing the stovetop. We wipe down parts after being soaked and return them to their designated spots. Our oven deep cleaning services never seem to disappoint. The Cleaning Team aim to not only ‘get the job done’ but to impress beyond expectations!